A Fun Guide to Email Warmup

2 min readJan 31, 2023


Do you love sending emails to your friends and family? Then you’ll love learning about email warmup! It’s a way of making sure your emails always reach their destination, just like a map helps you reach a fun destination.

What is Email Warmup?

Think of email warmup as getting ready to run a big race. Just like how you start by jogging slowly, then picking up the pace, email warmup starts by sending a few emails, then sending more and more. This helps the email people know you better and trust you more, so your emails always reach the right inbox!

Why is Email Warmup Important?

Just like how you need to eat healthy food and be active to be healthy, email warmup helps keep your emails healthy too. When the email people trust you, your emails won’t get stuck in the spam folder. They’ll reach the inbox, just like how a letter reaches your best friend’s hands.

The Benefits of Email Warmup

  1. Better Emails: Your emails will reach their destination, just like a boat reaching its port.
  2. More Trust: The email people will trust you more and more, just like how you trust your best friend.
  3. Happier Recipients: When your emails reach the inbox, they’re more likely to be read and enjoyed, just like a delicious cake!

The Email Warmup Process

Just like how you need to follow a recipe to make a cake, email warmup has steps too.

  1. Start small: Start with sending a few emails, like 50–100 emails a day, then gradually send more.
  2. Check how your emails are doing: Look at how your emails are doing, like if they’re being opened and if people are clicking on them.
  3. Make your emails the best they can be: Make sure your emails are fun and interesting, just like a great story.
  4. Keep track of your progress: Keep an eye on how you’re doing, just like how you keep track of how many pages you read in a book.


In conclusion, email warmup is a fun way to make sure your emails always reach their destination. Just like a treasure hunt, it has steps to follow and it’s an exciting adventure. And if you are looking into automatic it, Mystrika is the best SaaS. Happy emailing!