A Fun Guide to Email Warmup

Do you love sending emails to your friends and family? Then you’ll love learning about email warmup! It’s a way of making sure your emails always reach their destination, just like a map helps you reach a fun destination.

What is Email Warmup?

Why is Email Warmup Important?

The Benefits of Email Warmup

  1. More Trust: The email people will trust you more and more, just like how you trust your best friend.
  2. Happier Recipients: When your emails reach the inbox, they’re more likely to be read and enjoyed, just like a delicious cake!

The Email Warmup Process

  1. Start small: Start with sending a few emails, like 50–100 emails a day, then gradually send more.
  2. Check how your emails are doing: Look at how your emails are doing, like if they’re being opened and if people are clicking on them.
  3. Make your emails the best they can be: Make sure your emails are fun and interesting, just like a great story.
  4. Keep track of your progress: Keep an eye on how you’re doing, just like how you keep track of how many pages you read in a book.




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